College to Career Transition: Using The Right Swag And Appeal Can Enhance Your Job Search

One way to successfully increase your chances of securing a job is to ensure that you appeal to your employer. Your appeal consists of your

  • Brand
  • Professionalism
  • Persona
  • Swag

Brand: Of all that comprise of your appeal, in my opinion, your brand is the most important. This is because it encompasses your social media identity, online presence, how you project your personality and how other people define you. Because many employers ‘Google’ or ‘Facebook’ most potential employees, it is necessary that you have a spotless or ‘elusive’ brand. I use elusive because what an employer does not know cannot harm you. So rename yourself, restrict access to all online personal pages, and ensure that you do not send or approve any friend requests from potential employers or referrers. and while the latter might be suspicious, suspicion is way better than proof of obscenity. Thus:

  1. Do not expose public pictures or inappropriate content on your social media sites. If you cannot control yourself identity efficiently, then please censor your profile. Restrict what people can and cannot see. However, ensure that your profile picture and information are appropriate for everyone.
  2. Google yourself once in a while to see what is out there about you. If possible contact authors of inappropriate content and request to be removed, untagged or censored. This will help you manage what other people see about you.
  3. Define yourself online by having relevant, engaging and if possible educational content. Writers and bloggers who use their real names should ensure that their content is not inappropriate for potential employers to see. Otherwise, pre-warn your general audience that your content is for mature audiences only, prior to their indulgence

Professionalism: Do not have an inappropriate email address. That is a heavy No-No. As an employer, I do not want to email you at ‘ or’. NO! I will let the shredder do that for me.  Ideally, use your first and last names to create your email address, or first initial and last name@gmail, hotmail, msn, aol or

Refrain from using curse words online or whenever you are in the company of potential employers or referrers. That will surely reduce or eliminate your chances of being recommended, considered or hired for a position.

Dress code has to be intact. Make sure photos of you are not compromising or defaming in any way. In the same way, ensure that you put out your best leg forward with your attire whenever you have to meet a potential employer or referrer.

Persona: Your persona is your perceived personality, your public face. Be optimistic and energetic even when you are in doubt. Since you never know what may seal your deal, ensure that your persona is a charming and appealing one.

Swagger: An intimidated demeanor will most likely keep you unemployed. Maintain a confident swagger at all times; the way you walk, talk, tone of voice, handshake etc. Your ‘swag’ always has to be on-point. This is how you put yourself together, your appearance and presentation. So understand yourself worth and let it emanate from you. Swag, like persona might also seal your deal.

In other words, you have to be almost perfect or act like you are almost perfect to secure that ideal job. Get on branding or re-branding yourself now. It might just have been the reason why those interview calls never came.

Also endeavor to check out other parts of the College to Career Series for more tips on successfully transitioning from college to your dream career.

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Chike Ukaegbu
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