About Chii Que’

Jack of many trades.
Spiritual Christian (My Faith in Christ precedes ME, Like it or not!)
Youth Entrepreneurship Specialist
Co-Founder of Re:LIFE Inc
Creator of Black:Higher, Rewordblog, etc
Bouquet of multifaceted ideas (I brood over them till they hatch… yes like the chicken)
Heterogeneous container of expression
Sweet plantain lover and addict, especially when fried
Creativist (dint see that coming!)
Biomedical Engineer
Lover of ALL things BLACK
Motivational Speaker
Public policy enthusiast
A firm believer in effective child-discipline (spare the rod and spoil the child, but use sparingly with LOVE)
Stubborn and Strong-willed
grounded/well rooted in what?
And the list goes on… blah blah blah.

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