College To Career Transition: The Relevance of Past Work Experience to Your Job Search

Experience: Your experiences are the puzzle pieces which help determine how qualified you are for a certain position. They are the knowledge, practicality, know-how and skills you gain from previous jobs over a period of time.  Your experience helps a recruiter decide on how qualified you are for a certain position and the extent of your expertise on a certain field.

As such, the acquisition of hand-on experience, irrespective of the length or type (check out my internship post here) is being encouraged more seriously in colleges to help enhance students’ marketability. On the other hand, students have realized the importance of having some sort of experience, either via internships, part-time jobs, federal work-study, co-ops or even volunteering.  This is because the benefits of having some work experience coupled with excellent academic grades, gravely outweigh one’s chances of securing a job without any prior experience. Other benefits include earning income, college credit (internships), learning new skills, enhancing career opportunities through references and company reputation etc.

Hence, it is imperative that the Employment or Work Experience section of your application or resume be meticulously done. Each previous employment listing should include:

  • The name and location of former employer(s)
  • Your position/title
  • Duration of work period
  • Duties and achievements while at the job

Besides these, it is necessary that your Work Experience is:

  • Arranged chronologically, in descending order
  • Relevant to the position being sought
  • Credible and not from made-up or no-name companies
  • Detailed but concise
  • Genuine

Many employers are also interested in how you would translate your prior learning experiences into their open position, and how you intend on accomplishing results. Thus, stating that you were ‘very hardworking’ under Job Duties, does not say anything, and will not get you anywhere. Instead state what you did, how you did it, and the outcome of what you did. RESULTS are key.

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Chike Ukaegbu
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