I Have Proof That Aliens and UFO’s EXIST.

I just read an article about a NASA Scientist, Dr. Richard B. Hoover finding evidence of Alien life. According to the article, “No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published.” In other words, the paper went through a stringently scrutinized process like no other, just to prove to us that ‘Other Life’ (like I like to call them) exists.

Are there still people in 2011 who believe that we are the only ones on/in the Universe?

Nonsense! Aliens exist. They exist in what we call ‘Other Planets’. Planets don’t just have nothing in them. The fact that we have not found the right technology to find out who or what is in them, does not mean that they are uninhabited.

Our Ignorance of their existence is not proof of Absence!

Take this for instance, prior to 400 years ago, or before whenever the West discovered Africa, I’m sure people believed that no such place with such people existed, even though Life as we know it originated from my dearly beloved Africa.

Now I am not saying that I completely agree with the Alien Proof Article referenced above, which I think has a ‘Woooooooo, some Scientists craze well well‘ moment in there.

(*craze well well = Pidgin English meaning ‘must be extremely crazy’)

Requoting from the article, “[The Journal of Cosmology] isn’t a real science journal at all,” says PZ Meyers in Science Blogs, “but is the ginned-up website of a small group of crank academics obsessed with the idea of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe that life originated in outer space and simply rained down on Earth.”

‘Life originated in outer space and simply rained down on Earth’? Really? In my opinion, the thought of that is Complete MADNESS. UTTER RUBBISH!

For the record, I am a Biomedical Engineer and a STAUNCH believer in the Bible. I sometimes wonder where these crazies get these ideas from. Lord Have Mercy!

Back to my subject of ‘Other Life’; I believe in Aliens and UFO’s. Yes I said it! UFO’s exist. Ask me how I know? Because The Universe is not just too large for us to be the only living creatures in it, but we are also, almost insignificant compared to its mysterious size and composition.

I have always believed that we weren’t the only beings on the Universe. In fact, if you ask me, I think I have a very valid proof for this.

Look at the human body. It is made up of cells, tissues, organs, systems that make up the organism (in this case, MAN). Everything has its function in its world (or its planet) inside of the human body (universe); the liver, kidneys, brain, lungs, bones, etc. They work together, but also independently for the proper functioning of our bodies. Cells interact just like we do, send messages, procreate, protect and respond to threats and dangers, just like we do. To the cell, the tissue becomes its universe for which it might not comprehend its entire functionality because it functions within itself to effectively work. Same applies to the tissue with respect to the organs, and the organs with respect to the entire body. Each of these organs might know of each other because messages are constantly being transmitted across the entire body, but there is no proof (at least I do not know of any), which says that the eyes understand the work-abilities of the ureters and vice versa. So to the eye, there might not even be a ureter as far as it is concerned. Does that mean that the ureter does not exist? NO!

Cells are created (born), carry out their duties, and die when they are old. In the same way, We are born, we live and we die. LIFE GOES ON! In my opinion, our contribution to the entire universe is a mystery we are yet to resolve, and might never will.

Now relating this to the universe: I believe we are, or part of a cell, tissue, organ or system that make up the Universe, or maybe a superior being (GOD).  All of his actions, reactions, movements etc, affect us in one way or the other, and are called several things. Everything (planets and all that make up the universe, known and unknown) has its place, function, and composition, just like our cells, tissues and organs do. We do what we do, either to maintain a balance that enables the earth function properly for the upkeep of the Universe, or an imbalance for which the entire Universe will react to correct our malfunction; just like our bodies do.

In perspective, it is assumed that there are between 50 to 100 trillion (50 – 100,000,000,000,000) cells in the body. There might be more, or less. In like manner, it is speculated that there are about 200 billion galaxies in the universe, averaging about 150 billion stars each.

Lets assume that there are about 3 planets orbiting each star, if my math is still correct, (and I hope it is) that would roughly amount to 3 x 150 billion x 200 billion = 90,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (90 sextillion) planets. We’d only just be 1 in all that.

That is equivalent to 1.1 x 10–²³. This is about 1/10 the diameter of an electron, which is smaller than the proton, way smaller than the nucleus, and definitely nothing close to the size of a cell. Go figure!

So according to my math, if there are actually between 50 and 100 trillion cells in the body, which is the basic unit of life, and there really are 90 sextillion planets; that’s between 900 million to 1.8 billion times more planets on the universe than there are cells in the human body.

And people doubt that there is the presence of ‘Other Life’ on the Universe?

I don’t think God stopped creating after He created MAN. The Bible just said HE rested on the 7th day. What did HE do after the 7th day, 8th day, 9th day, etc? Also didn’t HE also create the angels anyway? So if Christians believe in angels, and principalities and powers, why not ‘Other Life’? They in themselves are Aliens, don’t you think? #justsaying

Then the next question becomes, ‘So where does JESUS come into this?’ My answer: Great is mystery of Godliness (1Tim 3:16).  I do not have that answer because I don’t have all answers. I’d let HIM do that explaining when HE returns. And part of this ‘Mystery of Godliness’ is what we are talking about today – The occupants of the Universe.

Thus, the presence of proof from a meteorite is not a shocking revelation to me, at least. Haven’t we all heard of stories and rumors of aliens actually visiting Earth? I believe that they have visited, do and still do visit. Some in fact might be here, either in captivity or among us.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is nothing we can do about that because We do not own the Universe.

So crazy or not, delusional or not, I believe that there’s more to our Universe than meets the eye or hits the ear, and actually more than man knows or may ever know.


It’s Me again,
Chike Ukaegbu

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4 Responses to I Have Proof That Aliens and UFO’s EXIST.

  1. Mindstormer says:

    Don’t tell anybody, but I’m not from this planet.

  2. Thatguy says:

    Well it depends what the definition of Alien is?
    is it:
    a) A being with strange body with super intelligence that does not live on this earth
    b) Is it some sort of unicellular organism that utilizes Lead for energy
    c) Is it something we cannot see because, it is not in the Light Spectrum
    d) or they simply do not exist
    Will Jesus be considered Alien after all he is not from this earth or maybe even Angels?
    I f yes then I guess they do, but we can’t see them.

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